Márcia Cabrita puts megahair and cindy crawford adheres to the blonde look

The actress Márcia Cabrita is a new look! She underwent a radical transformation in the salon hairstylist Flávio Priscott.

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 The artist joined the megahair in shade of blonde. Before, she Japan Sex was brown and short wires because of their chemotherapy against ovarian cancer.

"Five days of work and the wires that I put in my hair extensions technique does not come off when she takes a bath, do not fall. Can you usually wash and dry naturally and the best part of the result is the self-esteem to see it renovated upstairs. For me it is an honor to participate in this process " , said Flavio.

Currently, Márcia Cabrita is cast in the novel New World , Globe, and wears a wig to shoot her scenes.


After revolutionizing the way people watch shows and movies at home, Netflix  now wants to broadcast films that are still in theaters simultaneously. This is the same idea of Sean Parker platform, co-founder of Napster, fighting in search of an anti-piracy system that let the big comfortable producers to release films to be seen that way.To defend the interest of Netflix to stream movies as soon as they are released in the cinema, Hastings also said that the window space between the film out of theaters circuit until its release to the general public in the form of DVD, Blu-ray or streaming digital copies tends to decrease more and more. Today, this time varies greatly, but can reach up to three months.

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