Marina Ruy Barbosa indicates not chubby teen prohibit photos in marriage: 'Hashtag in moderation'

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In an interview with "Vogue," Marina told how use the hair on the day of the ceremony: "Loose". She also talked to want the makeup. "Focus on the look," delivered. In addition to electing the list as the most difficult part , the overall still said that the dress model, which will be exclusively designed for her , is giving you trouble. "The dress I think is one of the most difficult questions. The bride's dress has that to do with her style with what she likes and feels good," he said. Asked about social networks, she indicated not prohibit photos at the party, despite the strong mounted scheme to avoid hollow clicks ". I think the most important thing is to enjoy the party, then enjoy hashtag may have, but in moderation."
Marina, in turn, said the publication will be like the menu. "Twinkies and traditional married. I love it, do not mistake." Already on the drinks, she assured, "Bebidinhas many bebidinhas of all kinds for the marriage work, to be quite excited." Regarding the music to go up to the altar, the artist was direct. "Classic", saying then: "At the feet of the bride jump and then to enjoy the rasteirinha party."

Finally, Marina filled the businessman praise. "He's a very special guy, a person who makes me much calmer. Xande is very quiet and supports me in everything. He gives me the strength I need to face the challenges of the profession," melted.

honored an event at the mall JK Iguatemi late on Thursday (1). For the occasion, the actress, owner of stylish looks , bet on clear lace dress Dolce & Gabanna and jewels of Italian fashion: a gold filigree earring with 18k with sea water, whose estimated value is $ 57,500, completing production with a light blue patterned clutch. At the launch of the line of brand weddings, the redhead spoke about the link with Xandinho Negrao , who will officiate marriage in a pilot's family farm the chapel in Goiás .

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