Walt Disney elements are Jav School applied in the airline's secret surveillance of children

Is the object of media and entertainment is mainly aimed at children, but the reputation of some Walt Disney influence events, according to the company's report says Walt Disney children's mobile phone secret Porn Online surveillance applications.

Proceedings of the civil liberties Amanda Chong, a live in California submitted to the federal court in San Francisco. According to the indictment, Disney violated the privacy protection law of online child (Italy cup), passed a law in 1998 to protect children's privacy on the internet.

Sex and Spanking

"Italy cup imposed on Housing Mining website or online service to children under the age of 13," Italy cup a legal website to the Federal Trade commission.
"Where is my water" is a famous mobile phone game title Disney was discovered secret collection of information of children

"Where is my water" is a famous mobile phone game title Disney was discovered secret collection of information of children
The indictment said, many users to monitor the application of Amanda Disney rushed to install our equipment, including the collection of geographic information, browsing history and other personal information. The information, will be sold to the third branch in response to the purpose of advertising.

"The child is particularly sensitive to tracking and online advertising behavior, and write a" lawsuit. "Disney never agreed to the parents to collect, use or disclose your personal information and your children."

Disney's mobile applications are very common, mostly children, some of which have also been used in Vietnamese children love like "where is the water? 2 "(truck and the number from 100 to 5 million)," Disney play color and Moana island "or" life"......


According to their reaction before prosecution, Disney's spokesman said: "Disney obey the policy a powerful Italy cup, we maintain your application strategy of the collection and use of data and strict Disney children and families. The basic misunderstanding complaints based on the rules of the Italy cup, we will protect our trial".

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Disney was accused of violating the laws of the Italy cup. In 2011, the Federal Trade Commission fined Disney subsidiary, playcom, 30 thousand yuan, the company collects different information, including their names, locations, in fact, all of the information content. The free playcom online game game player is issued, including children under the age of 13.


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